MAC Referral Program’s Terms and Conditions:

1. Referral bonus and raffle tickets only apply for new referred accounts. Referrers and agents must inform MAC prior to new referred account approval to qualify for referral bonus and reward.

2. New referred accounts must be in MAC merchant processing services and be active for three months. MAC and agents to give referral bonus and raffle tickets by the 1st week of the 4th month.

3. All referred accounts must be active with MAC on or before Feb 14, 2022 in order to claim winning prizes.

4. Agents who want to participate in MAC referral program must pay BONUS to merchants who referred new accounts to MAC based on their residual percentages.

Agents who do not want to participate in referral program or refuse to pay bonus to referral merchants, will not have any right or interest in the new referred accounts and will not receive residual on these referred accounts.

We will pay a referral bonus to you after the new referred account using MACUSA merchant processing services for 3 full months. We calculate the average account volume for 3 full months and pay you in the 1st week of the month # 4 as follows:

Average volume:

  • Under 10k, $150 bonus

  • From 10k to 40k, $400 bonus

  • From 40k to 70k, $500 bonus

  • From 70k to 100k, $600 bonus

  • Over 100k, $700 bonus

We send a referral bonus check to you by mail. So the more you refer new accounts to MAC, the bigger bonus you will receive from MACUSA. You and your business friends also receive raffle tickets from MACUSA for a chance to win BIG. A grand prize of $25,000.00 CASH